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Clinical Psychologist Adelaide – Job Role and Essentials to Check

Clinical psychology is a speciality, which deals with comprehensive mental health and behavioural issues of human beings. There are many specialisations in clinical psychology as family therapy, group therapy, community therapy, training and education, research-oriented practices etc. The range and scope of clinical psychology spread across variety of fields of human interactions. It encompasses people of all ages, diversities, and across-the-board systems.

Clinical psychologists

A clinical psychologist specialises in the following areas;

·         Understanding the psychopathology of problems and possibility of interventions.
·         Mental health problems of human being across their life span by understanding the psychopathology.
·         Assessment of issues with ability to integrate the psychometric test data with standardised assessment outputs.
·         Consulting with other general physical health and behavioural interventionists to organise therapeutic planning for severe psychopathology as violence or suicidal ideation etc.
·         Engaging in various psychological research methodologies with critical review of knowledge, theorems, science, and methods relevant to clinical psychology. 

The major problems clinical psychologists address include;

·         Intellectual, psychological, emotional, behavioural, and social maladjustment in humans.
·         Mental disability and discomfort causing low quality of life.
·         Addressing minor adjustment problems to severe psychopathology.


Various procedures involved in clinical psychology include;

·         Assessment – Interviewing, conducting psychometric tests, and doing behavioural assessments.
·         Clinical intervention – Services to individuals, family, and groups.
·         Consulting – Consulting with various professional practices with other professionals and organisations
·         Research – Continuos research and critical review of knowledge, science, and different methods pertaining to the speciality of clinical psychology.

Consulting a clinical psychologist

If you are looking forward to consulting a clinical psychologist, then one need to consider different factors in identifying the apt service provider for you as;

·         The license and credentials of the provider.
·         Years of experience of the provider.
·         Speciality in which they practice and the facilities at the clinic.
·         Whether covered under insurance or not.

Explore various options to identify the right kind of provider for your purpose and also check whether you are able to build a good rapport with the provider to get the best results out of the therapy.

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